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Black & Decker VPX903X1 Product Review

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We purchased this set at a very critical time -- we were just about to move into a house and had a long list of things we wanted to do, including but not limited to: cut a hole in the basement door for a cat door, install curtain rods, dis-assemble and assemble furniture and closet organizers, install cabinet hardware on brand-new maple cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms, hang a medicine cabinet, etc. We've used these tools every day for almost two weeks and have only put the batteries on the chargers once -- not because we needed to, but because we thought we should. We were concerned that they would not have enough power for our many needs. We've never had a problem with it not being able to handle any job asked of them. The one recommendation I would make is to purchase a set of drill bits, as the bits it comes with are not enough for most jobs. Fortunately, it takes standard drill bits with ease. Just because they are small and seem lightweight doesn't mean they aren't tough enough to tackle most household jobs (even the electrician borrowed our screwdriver for awhile). As a woman with small hands, the tools are very comfortable for me to use, but they are also comfortable for my husband, whose hands are pretty big.

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I needed a screwdriver that would stay charged in my truck for the couple of times a month I needed it. What I got was a screwdriver that would set in the truck for two months and in low speed break loose 1/2 bolts that havent been turned in years. No it is not a 12v drill. No it is not varible speed. No it doesn't have a clutch. and No it doesn't cost $300.00. But, It does have interchangeable batteries, and it does have an external charger. And it comes with a reasonable saw and great little light. And, Why didn't I think about linking the chargers together? It is a very cool light weight system that packs surprizing power and run time. It is never dead, when you pick it up. (You know the old ones you charge them before you use them and charge them when you store them and charge them before you use them and charge...) I am looking at the 14.4 model real hard... I think the dewalt's saw me gotta go!